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Strengths in a Pandemic

2020 has been a year unlike any other. The word “unprecedented” took on a new meaning to many — and most would be happy to never hear it again.

Companies have faced struggles they never imagined and entire organizations were forced to switch to a remote workforce in mere days, sending a ripple effect through the workforce.

How do you remain connected? How can teams recalibrate to new roles and working conditions and band together in times of stress?

It starts with awareness of individual strengths and how those strengths combine to elevate the whole team. This awareness supported by strengths coaching can alleviate new fears and uncertainty in individuals’ lives and help them get grounded in their potential versus their worry.

What happens to the employee when the home becomes an office?

This year we have seen personal homes turn into home offices in days. Kitchen tables and bedroom desks are transformed into makeshift offices, but employee transformation isn’t so instant.

With strengths coaching, individuals are empowered to take control over their talents and encouraged to recognize their talents and use them intentionally to step up and out of the new challenges they face. Once employees can see and “own” their strengths, they immediately feel more confident in using those strengths to their advantage and leaning on them daily – but especially in tough times.

In a time where teams find themselves in a spiral of quickly reacting to perpetual changes, they can now be coached on how to respond instead.

Are your employees prepared to respond or in a cycle of reacting?

Why invest in employees now?

It may seem counter-intuitive to invest in employee development at a time when all businesses face an uncertain economy, however that’s what actually makes it the best time. Your company is not a thing, it has a heartbeat. The collection of people within your company make it thrive. When you invest in that resource you lift the entire entity to greater commitment, optimism and performance. In order to successfully navigate the inevitable highs and lows your business faces, you have to have people who are willing, able and motivated to rise up and that begins with knowing what tools you have to work with and where you are strong individually and together.

Your company has a pulse, what’s yours?

Businesses that Succeed Know How to Navigate Change and Help Employees Do the Same

Change is constant but fortunately – so are strengths. For employees to battle change, they must know what tools they have to bring to the table. This empowers the individual to take action with confidence in the talents they have to solve problems and it empowers the manager of each employee to know how to best motivate, support and tap into those talents for the betterment of the person and the team.

It’s not a time to lay low, it’s a time to double down. By reminding employees what they can do instead of what they can’t do, an entire team can replace the uncertainty of the world with certainty in themselves and each other.

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