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There’s nothing like an event to drum up buzz for your company, product or latest offering, but the logistics can paralyze a marketing department. We can take over tradeshow planning, company retreats, sales conferences and launch events. We’ll handle all the details – you just show up and take the credit.

When we handle your event, we can do more than just help you select your menus and make sure there’s transportation when you need it (though we’ve got that covered too). Propel can help you create a visual brand for your event that makes your attendees eager to attend and take home the swag (we can pick that out too). We can create immersive experiences for your attendees they’ll never forget – ask us about the time we transformed an ordinary hotel meeting space into the heart of New Orleans.

Plus, we are a bunch of content nerds. We can help define your agenda and develop the presentations that wow so your event is anything but death by PowerPoint.

Red River NSC Conference at the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC
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