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It’s officially summer and you know what that means — a new intern! Today we’re introducing Megan, Propel’s summer design intern. 

Propel: Hi Megan, welcome to the team! We’re so excited to have you this summer. 

Megan: Thanks, glad to be here! 

P: We like to get to know our coworkers here at Propel with a little blog about them and now it’s your turn! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself first? 

M: Sure! I’m a second year Graphic Design student at NCSU with two minors, Business Administration and Graphic Communications. I’m in an honor fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi which I love and have met a lot of my friends in. I also work part-time at the Old Navy at Crabtree, which keeps me busy. I’m also living with my lovely roommates and their two cats! 

P: We do have some fellow State fans here, so you’ll fit in just fine. Do you have any hobbies? 

M: I love drawing and painting whenever I have free time. It’s something that I’ve always done ever since I was a child! I also love reading manga and comics. 

P: Love it! Now to the most important question… what’s your favorite food? 

M: I don’t know if I have any favorite food in particular, but I love Japanese food! 

P: The correct answer is tacos, but we can live with Japanese food. Speaking of Japan, if you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?  

M: If I could travel anywhere right now, it would literally be anywhere. I’ve never been out of the country and so anywhere outside of the United States sounds like a great place to travel. I’ve always wanted to travel and have never had the opportunity. 

P: Travelling is the best. Remind me to ask the boss if we can get some international clients to travel to… Okay another important question: what is your biggest pet peeve?? 

M: One of my biggest pet peeves are when people walk too slow. I haven’t had that issue much lately though since everyone has been inside cause of Covid. That, and I don’t like when people talk to me when I’m super focused on something, whether its TV, a movie, or working. 

P: Slow walkers are the WORST! We’re with you on that one. Now for the?last question:?We’re all about being a superpower for our clients, so what would your superpower be?? 

M: If I had to have a superpower, I’d probably want it to be super strength! I’m kind of small as it is so I think it would be cool to see a small person like myself be super strong. 

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