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As a growing agency, we have new faces in the office every once in a while. Today we’re introducing our newest designer, Brooks Foley.

Propel: Welcome to the team, Brooks! Since you’re new here, we’re going to have to put you through a small hazing exercise to test your loyalty. Kidding, but we will ask you a few questions to get to know you and your story. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Brooks: I am originally from Roanoke, Virginia; The star city, not the lost colony. I have a rather large family with seven siblings but we do not ride around on a multi-colored bus singing watered down pop songs. I have lived in the Raleigh-Durham area since 2007, working at agencies and internal design departments. Although I do miss the mountains and not having to drive 25 minutes to get anywhere, there is always something fun to do around here.

P: Seven siblings?! Sounds like a crazy fun childhood. Now first and most importantly, what is your favorite food?

B: Chicken & Waffles or any cereal that a 6-year-old likes.

P: Great choice, kids food is the best. As long as you like tacos as well, we’ll get along great. Since you’re our newest designer, can you tell us a bit about how you got involved in design?

B: I’ve always had an interest in art and music. When I was younger, I was really into the artwork on album covers and thought “I would love to do stuff like this when I grow up.” Now I am grown up, can’t play an instrument, not doing album covers, but definitely some good design.

P: Super cool! We’ll see what we can do about getting you some album covers to design. Now, what’s your favorite movie?

B: I am a huge movie person, so it’s hard to choose just one. But to put a few out there: Goodfellas, Friday, Dumb & Dumber, Forest Gump and Pulp Fiction.

P: And we can’t ask that without also asking: what’s your favorite TV show?

B: There’s too many to list but a few current ones that come to mind are Mindhunters, Family Guy, Stranger Things; and some classics like Breaking Bad, 24, The Wire, Seinfeld and Saved by the Bell in my youth.

P: Great choices. We’ll have to re-watch some of those soon. Our team is pretty weird, so we have to make sure you fit in — do you have any hidden talents?

B: Hmm, I used to skateboard until I had to pay for my own injuries. I love retro and vintage stuff so I can play a mean game of Ms. Pacman and I also can fold a towel into a chicken.

P: I think you passed the test for sure. Okay, now it’s time for our last question. At Propel, we like to say we’re a superpower for our clients. What’s your super power?

B: Immortality. Who wouldn’t want to live forever. Time is valuable and to have unlimited value sounds pretty sweet to me. Although I’m sure if a client found out this superpower, I bet I wouldn’t be as sweet.

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