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Miracle Gro Something Greater

Growing Meaningful Connections With Customers

Instead of hitting me with promises for what Miracle-Gro can do for my plants, this TV spot featured design tips for bringing the color-blocking trend to your garden and table-settings. The call to action was to become inspired and share your own ideas using the hashtag #GroSomethingGreater on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Despite my new-homeowner-trying-to-ignore-the-fact-that-I-now-have-a-yard-that-needs-tending-to status, I was intrigued enough by #GroSomethingGreater to go online and learn more. What I found was a campaign that gets to the heart of what motivates Miracle-Gro’s audience, and it’s not plump tomatoes and lush flowerbeds. It’s all the other things they grow when they garden — from family bonds to understanding of where food comes from to creativity to community to resourcefulness and so much more.

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The landing page for the campaign, with the headline When We Grow, We Grow More Than Just Plants, features inspirational, user-submitted stories and invites visitors to submit their stories or share them on social media, using #GroSomethingGreater. This strikes me as customer engagement at its absolute finest. Nowhere does this campaign mention the features that make Miracle-Gro the best choice in plant food. It doesn’t need to because it has risen above features and benefits to connect with its audience about what they really care about — growing something greater. It’s enough to make this black-thumbed girl consider tackling a flowerbed this weekend, with Miracle-Gro in hand, of course.

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