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On the fourth day of marketing, my agency gave to me, an ebook on surviving family

How to Survive the Holidays with your family ebook cover

Did you know that content marketing can cost up to 65% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads?

But don’t go jumping into content marketing headfirst – take the time to develop a strategy. You can’t expect results if you don’t define your goals. Without a strategy outlining what content needs to be created, where it needs to be posted and when, you may find it all too easy to fail.

Our client, who preferred to not be identified, wanted to generate leads for people who may be in need of therapy. We developed this ebook as part of a larger strategy, invested in Google Ad Words for “family drama” and “my family is crazy,” and set up a landing page that required an email to download the ebook.

Now our client has an email list that we can use to send follow up content and therapy specials in the New Year. Plus, a retargeting campaign to help people who needed further help to cope with their families.

Need help surviving your family this holiday season?


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